Hello and welcome to Bobbytails!


Our names are Julie and Carol and we are the owners of Bobbytails Bunny Boarding. We offer a specialist small animal boarding service so your pets can enjoy their holidays as much as you enjoy yours!

We can care for most small pets, from rats to rabbits and gerbils to guinea pigs - no dogs or cats though. Bobbytails can care for your pets 365 days a year, giving you complete freedom to get away from it all whenever you want to.

Bobbytails started in 1994 with eight cages and has now grown in size to over forty! We are still able to offer a friendly, personal service, tailored to meet the needs of your pets. We have a large "organic" paddock to provide a daily fresh grass and dandelions, and offer a huge selection of dried foods to help make your pet feel totally at home.

To ensure your pets are comfortable on their holidays, we offer 8-foot long hutches for rabbits, along with secure runs for them during the day. All rabbits and guinea pigs receive fresh grass and dandelions each day, along with your choice of dried food and a selection of greens. Animals are cleaned out daily to make sure they stay in the best of health whilst they are with us. We have a dedicated indoor room for smaller animals, with a limited number of spacious indoor rabbit cages. By handling all animals daily, we ensure that any problems are picked up on quickly.

I hope you like our new website - please have a look round to see what we offer. If you like what you see, why not get in touch with us to make a booking, arrange a visit, or to make any other general enquiry!